Friday, July 25, 2014

Thoughts and Healing: The Value of Hand-Crafted

No doubt it's been a long time since posting, nearly a year.  I thought it was time to give this a go again.  I'll not only be posting items for sale, but other creations I make for fun, for myself, friends and family.  I'm always happy to consider special orders, so if you see something you like, feel free to inquire.  

I've been thinking this week about the quality and price of handmade items.  Sometimes, it seems we forget the time, money and effort that goes into making a hand crafted, one of a kind item.  I also create digital resources for educators and it's a little bit easier to price those items lower because I can sell many of the same item.  Handcrafting is different though.  I can't make one bag and sell it over and over, I can sell it once.  

So, when you consider a purchase from a hand-crafter, please keep in mind the price compared to the cost of resources, time and talent that went into creating such a beautiful piece.  

I created this quilt this past spring as a tribute to my father in law who became terminally ill and passed away one year ago from a brain tumor.  It was a healing experience for me and for my husband to see the love and work that went into creating it.  The quilt is a result of a Mystery Quilt experience from Heather Spence to support  Melissa from Sew Shabby Quilting quilted it for me and as soon as it's bound and labeled, it will be my son's.  A dear remembrance token of his grandpa.  I'll post a picture of the full quilt in its finished state when it's all done. 

What power hand-crafting can have on the soul who creates and the soul who receives. 

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